Surveyors in Tri State Area
since 1973

Surveyors for General Contractors & Land Owners

Contractors’ Line & Grade South has served the surveying needs of General Contractors and Land Owners in the tristate area since 1973. Our partners are licensed in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We specialize in performing construction layout for various types of projects including; high-rise buildings, site work, roadwork, subways, utility improvements, interior fit-outs and topographic surveys. Our company is capable of taking your project from the design phase through completion.


Providing property line, axis lines, benchmarks and as-built surveys used to erect structures in the tri-state from foundation to completion.

Site Work

Providing layout and control points for excavation, grading, retaining walls, curbs, sidewalks and various utilities.

Road Work

Layout of control points to aid our clients in the construction and alignment of our roads and highways.

Surveying road in New York


Traversing through NYC’s complex subway system to map existing conditions, supply layout for station improvements and placement of vibration/ optical monitoring systems.

Surveying subway platform in NYC
Surveying building in NYC

Utility Improvements

Providing layout and as-built surveys to build and map various utilities throughout the tri-state.

Interior Fit outs

Establishing control lines and providing existing conditions surveys to aid our clients in updating our existing structures for the future.

Topographic Surveys

Utilizing GPS and robotic technology to provide accurate mapping of existing surface terrain.

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